Thursday, June 2, 2011

38 weeks!

Hello Hello!

I have almost made it to the finish line! We only have 9 short days until MacKenzie's due date! can you believe it!??? SINGLE DIGITS!!!

I am hoping that she will be here in less days but you never know! At my last appointment (two days ago) I was dilated to a 1 and about 50% thinned. So that sounds like a start! however if she is going to come before her due date she is going to have to get the move on! My next appointment isn't until next Thursday because the Dr is going to be out of the office the beginning of next week! ugh! but that is okay I guess.

Here is my latest pic of my baby belly! Trent says there is a basketball under my shirt haha

We have finished MacKenzie's room! Here is the finished product!!!

Her name is actually white letters with pink cow print! Trent's parents gave us MacKenzie's crib and this is the cow bedding that my Granny made! It turned out so perfect! You can also see Mac's swing from her godfather! and her cow bouncer from my Aunt Joanie!

Here are the matching curtains! :) Here is the glider from Trent's parents that Granny recovered! The hutch/changing table is from my parents! They bought it for my almost 3 years ago when I was moving into my own apartment and this is what we based Mac's room off of for the western cow theme! You can also see Trent's long horn on the wall. He wanted it to go in the man cave but once I said it belonged in Mac's room he was willing to compromise! :) Then you can see Mac's cross wall! All of these crosses were given to us after we told people that we were doing her room western. Then finally you can see her toy box! Now she just needs toys to put in it :)

Hopefully my next post is a picture of our sweet baby girl!!!! Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

33 weeks and counting!

I think I start every blog off the same by apologizing that it has been such a long time since I last posted. I think the reason I usually feel bad is that my sister Dianna posts at least once a week if not more so then I feel like I haven't posted enough :) But that's okay because I never said how often I was going to update this thing so oh well!!

Plenty has happened in the last month since my last post! For starters we had to move out of our rent house, be homeless for about 2 weeks, and then move into our new house!!! Luckily Trent and I have some awesome friends who let us stay with them and eat over at their house and such while we were homeless and that made it much easier on us! Then we closed on the house on the 15th and Trent's mom and aunt Sheri came over to help paint our bedroom and MacKenzie's room!! They were super adamant that I was not allowed to help paint because it couldn't be good for Mac! so they worked away like busy bees and I tried to do as much as I could without them getting mad at me! (this included putting tape around the baseboards and door frames, getting them water, turning on the radio, things like this) You should have seen them work! They were amazing and got both rooms completely done that evening!!!!

We had lots of visitors this evening to come see the house and it was while we had some of these visitors that we had our first disaster as homeowners! (yes the same day we signed!) So when we had the house inspected the inspector said that there was a leak in the master bathroom toilet. So when one of Trent's firefighting buddies, Chris, came over to see the house he said he would take a look at it. Well they decided it would be a good idea to turn on the water and flush the toilet and see where it was leaking from. Well it was a slow leak so they couldn't see immediately where the leak was coming from so they went outside to talk while it leaked some more so they could come back to it in a little while. Not too long after they go outside my friend Kristin asks if it sounds like water was running. Well..... you guessed it...... some tubing had exploded and the toilet was spraying water EVERYWHERE! So I tell Kristin to get Trent and I run over there and turn the water off.... needless to say about 6 firefighters get to the bathroom as I am getting the water turned off and am soaking wet and wading through water!!! And if I wasn't already upset.... Nauert asks "Did your water break or what?" yes I can laugh at it now but boy was I not very nice when he first said it to me! lol Luckily the guys got it all cleaned up with the few towels we had at the house and not much of the carpet got wet so it wasn't too disastrous. Luckily this explosion of tubing helped Chris figure out what needed to be replaced and they went to Home Depot and came back and fixed it all up for us.

Then the next day my dad brought a trailer up to move everything from storage over to the house. Thankfully Kyle and Nauert came to help Dad and Trent move because holy moly we have a lot of crap! We had more visitors come over to see the house and we got a lot done! Our main priority was getting our bedroom set up so that we could go ahead and stay that night and we got a lot more done! We had all of the dishes put away in the kitchen and had most of the boxes out of the garage and into the correct room for unpacking!

Now that we are moved into the house we are concentrating on getting MacKenzie's room put together so that we are ready for her when she decides to make her entrance! Chris was nice enough to come back over later that week to help put up the chair rail in her room and it looks so great! I love it! Then Sandy came over on Monday to do touch up painting to make sure everything looks perfect! So then yesterday Trent was able to put the crib together to start setting everything up! He also put the glider in her room even though he says its so comfy that it needs to be in the living room so he can sit in it all the time! I told him he can just sit in Mac's room and rock her when he wants to sit in it :) Granny did a great job reupholstering it! It looks really good with the brown walls!

So now on to our amazing little angel.... She is doing great!!! Her heartbeat has been strong every time we have been to the doctor and she seems to be growing bigger everyday! She has gotten to where she likes to push a foot up under my ribs and I have to wiggle around to get her to move it but so far she hasn't actually kicked my ribs and made them hurt. I think with just 6.5 weeks to go till her due date I can finally say that I am starting to feel "uncomfortable." I do not count this as an accomplishment because I have absolutely loved being pregnant! and I will admit that I have had a very easy pregnancy this far and if all of my kids are this easy Trent may get all 17 kids that he wants :) JUST KIDDING no way we could afford that many! :) But on to being uncomfortable... my feet hurt... a lot... almost all of the time. They even hurt when I first wake up in the morning and get out of bed. I try to ignore the fact they they hurt during the day and am pretty good at just pushing it out of my mind (because I am busy doing other things like teaching) but by the time I get in my car to go home in the afternoon I am wanting to put them up and not go anywhere. However this never happens because its not in my personality to just sit and do nothing. Not to mention that I am going to have to get over it because I am really going to start walking in the evenings after I hit 35 weeks (in hopes that it will put me into labor!) Another thing that just started happening is that MacKenzie will sit as far forward as possible on my stomach and it feels like she is pushing out and trying to stretch me out to make more room for herself! (sounds like my child! Trent can vouch that I am a bed hog and stretch out as much as I want till I am comfy) Its not all of the time but when she does it, it lasts for several hours and its just not comfortable! lol Hopefully whatever she is doing is working so that maybe she will stop soon and just lay down and play like she usually does... but I doubt it since she is just going to keep growing and need more room! Okay enough complaining! I know it will all be worth it as soon as my sweet baby girl is in my arms instead of my belly!

Yesterday evening we were able to go to MacKenzie's second Rangers game! (the first one was a world series game! but I think we had more fun at this one!) Mom decided that we should all go to the Ranger's game to celebrate Dad's birthday even though it is 3 weeks away because Angela and Annelise will only be here for one more week! So she figured out what day was best for everyone.... EXCEPT HERSELF!!! Mom had to go to Austin for work and didn't even get to go to the game!!! But Dad, Ang, Annelise, Dianna, Kyle, Trent, and I all got to go and Mom splurged and got GREAT tickets! We were just 27 rows up from home plate!!! And even though I love watching games with Trent on TV I think I saw a total of two innings :) I was WAY too distracted by all of the delicious food and my adorable goddaughter Annelise!!!! She was absolutely hilarious at the game! She flirted with the guys sitting in front of us and told them that she wanted ice cream! They thought she was pretty stinking cute too! She took turns hopping from one lap to the next to play with each of us! Although we think she can smell fear and so she decided to play with Uncle Kyle the most and he was always ready to send her back down the aisle to someone else's lap! There was one time she was trying to come down the aisle and Uncle Trent blocked her way with his arm and she tried to move it and couldn't and actually started BARKING at him! It was hilarious!! She loved her granddaddy when he had food! She shared his nachos and his ice cream and loved every bit of it. Overall we had an amazing time at the game and just wish Mom could have gone too!

This weekend I have two baby showers! Yes two! On Saturday, Brandi is throwing a couples shower for Trent and I, so all of our friends up in the FW & GP areas can come visit and celebrate baby Mac with us! Then on Sunday, Angela and my cousins are throwing Dianna and I a joint shower! This is going to be a lot of fun since D is having Cooper so we will have a bunch of cute blue and pink outfits! I love baby clothes! They are just so cute! I am so excited to see all of our families and having fun!

I go back to the Dr in 2 weeks and that will be the start of our weekly appointments!!! I can't believe how quickly she will be here! But hopefully after the showers this weekend we will be ready for her!! Sorry so long! but thats what happens when I wait a month to post!!! :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

3rd Trimester!!!

Well we are 2/3 of the way through the pregnancy!!! and boy has it gone fast and slow at the same time! I can't believe that we only have 11 weeks until our sweet baby girl is here but it also seems like I have been preggo forever now!

We went for our monthly check up and got Trent blood typed. As you remember I am RH negative therefore if Trent is positive then I could kill my future babies if I do not take Rhogam shots. Well so Trent got blood typed and sure enough he is positive therefore since I don't want to kill my future babies I got my first Rhogam shot last week! I won't have to have another one until MacKenzie is born or if I am in some kind of accident that might break the placenta and let me be exposed to Mac's blood etc.

We also got to schedule the rest of our appointments through the end of the pregnancy! We are now down to two week appointments! I think this will make the last trimester go even faster!

Now that the weather is nice I am going to try to start walking around the park again in the evenings! I went one time last week and while I was walking MacKenzie was going crazy! If you remember being in PE back in the day and doing shoulder circles. You would start by making big circles and then go a little smaller and finally really small circles out to the side. Well this is what it felt like Mac was doing! It was the coolest thing. She would literally rub in circles to the right of my belly button! Trent didn't really believe me but then when we went to wal-mart yesterday she started doing it again and he got to feel her doing it! Trent is getting more and more attached to Mac the more he gets to feel her move. He likes to put his face to my belly and say "Mac its Daddy! Can you hear me??? Its Daddy! Kick me!" Its pretty funny mainly because she usually ignores him but its precious!

Since the last time I have posted tons of great things have happened!!! First, we found out that Dianna is having a boy! Cooper Scott!!! Then, Brandi had sweet baby Aniston! 7 lb 4 oz and 19.5 inches long! Lots of dark hair! She is adorable! Next, Trent and I put a bid on a new house! We are supposed to close April 15th! WOOHOO!! Lastly, due to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Angela and Annelise are back in Texas for a while!!! And Annelise is as adorable as ever!

Since Trent and I are having to move soon we have started packing up our house and it feels like we are finally getting somewhere with it! One bedroom and the guest bathroom are completely cleaned out! Now if I can just get the second bedroom and the kitchen finished early this week, maybe Trent can get the rest of it next week so that we will be out of our rent house on time! However I did bring something new into the house today! As some of you know we are decorating Mac's room in a western theme. We have a natural colored crib and a hutch that will serve as the changing table that is the natural unfinished western wood. My granny has been amazing and made the baby bedding for us! It is brown and white cow print! It will look super cute! Well today when I was at garden ridge I saw this cow print ottoman that we are going to use as a toy box! I am super excited for it and can't wait to get moved into the new house and get Mac's room all set up!!!

Well 11 weeks to go!!! She will be here sooner than we know it! Can't wait!!!! : )

Friday, February 18, 2011

24 weeks!

So it has been a super long time since I have posted but this kind of came about because I was going to post each time I went to the doctor. Well the snow days pushed my latest appointment back two whole weeks! So instead of posting around 22 weeks, I am now a day away from 24 weeks!

A lot has happened with Miss MacKenzie since I last posted! She weighs over a pound now! And I can feel her just about all day everyday! Trent has gotten to feel her move more now as well. She has gotten so strong! She is a very hard kicker (no worries it doesn't hurt me... but... sometimes I think she is trying to kick in a door or something). I haven't quite gotten "the alien" effect yet. This means I haven't been able to see her move yet, just feeling it so far. I think it will be pretty cool when she starts pushing hard enough to see her little feetsies! haha When I went to see Dr. Wagner I got to listen to sweet MacKenzie's heartbeat! Her heartbeat is still super strong! YAY!
Also she told me that next time I come in (spring break) I will have to do my glucose test. As anybody who knows me knows... I HATE LIQUIDS!!! Not only do I have to drink 8 ounces of really gross looking orange stuff, but it has to be gone in 5 minutes!!! I am lucky to drink 8 ounces in a couple of hours! So this will be no bueno! I am also going to get my first round of "rogam" sp? shots so that I don't start producing antibodies that will kill my future babies... :) sounds exciting right haha but it is actually no big deal and I will have to get a couple rounds of these shots since I am RH negative and MacKenzie is probably positive!

I am feeling fatter everyday! When I went to see Dr. Wagner I had officially hit my 10 pound mark! Although I feel super fat and 10 pounds sounds like a lot, it is right at a pound a week since I have started the second trimester, which is right on par to only gain around 30 pounds for the whole pregnancy. Now I know this last couple sentences sounds like I am watching my weight or something, but believe me I am still eating whatever the hell I want... just ask Trent! I crave fast food!!! Trent hates this because he would like to come home to a home cooked meal every night but when I am calling the shots he is lucky to get home cooked meals two-three times a week and that's a REALLY lucky week! Therefore we eat fast food or go out to eat most nights :) What a great husband to sacrifice for my appetite!

The next order of business is the inevitable "popping" of the belly button!!! UGH!!! The popped belly button thing is one of the few things that I have been dreading about pregnancy (the other is stretch marks... knock on wood!). Well growing up I had a half innie - half outie... well when I turned 18 I got my belly button pierced (which I took out several months ago when I started showing haha) so it made my belly button look like an innie! Well now my belly button is getting so close to popping its not even funny!!!!! I have been joking around at work about maybe duct taping it down so that it won't show after it pops! One of the guy teachers said "when it pops you are done right?!?!" well at this point heck no! If it pops as soon as it looks like it will I will still have 3 months to go! Oh well... there really isn't anything I can do about it!

Another thing I have noticed in the last month or so.... I am turning into a crazy Czech mom! I am saying "yay daw" (sp?) and "Sheesh!" all the time! My students keep looking at me like I am crazy! But it just comes out and I keep on teaching haha So at this rate I will be one of the Crazy Parma Aunts by the time MacKenzie is born :)

Well I better wrap this up! Next time I post we will know whether Baby Cline is a boy or girl! and baby Aniston may be here too! (As long as she waits until March 6th!!!) And I will be starting the third trimester with MacKenzie Marie!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Was that the baby?!?!?!?!?! Part 2

Well I have been feeling baby pretty much everyday several times a day for a week or so now. But on Thursday I was watching TV and my arm was laying across my belly and when Mackenzie kicked I was just about positive that she kicked hard enough to feel it on my arm not just from the inside! I was super excited because that meant that Trent might get to feel her kicking soon! So I texted him (he was at the station) and told him and he said "Yes!!" lol as you can tell he has been wanting to feel her since I have said that I can feel her. So that night when he came to bed he laid his hand on my stomach and he says either I flinched when he put his hand on my stomach or she kicked him or it could've been my heartbeat because something moved his hand as soon as he touched my stomach! Of course he doubted it was the baby because what are the chances she kicked the exact moment he put his hand on my belly! So since then he has been telling Mac that she needs to kick him and he even would try smushing around on my belly (trying to make her mad I guess) so that she would move and he could feel it. Well no such luck!

Then yesterday we went to dinner with mom, dad, Dianna, and kyle and had a great time hanging out and mom returned a book that I got for Christmas that I have been waiting to read! So when we got in be he grabbed the iPad and I grabbed my book. Well I hadn't been laying in bed long when she kicked pretty hard so I moved over close to Trent so we could still relax and his hand could just rest on my belly. Well at first Trent was like pressing on my stomach and I was like "you don't have to push her she will kick in a couple of minutes" well because he was pushing he started feeling my heartbeat and then couldn't decide if he could feel her and since I was reading my book I wasn't paying enough attention to whether it was my heartbeat or her kicking around. Well he finally stopped pushing and she kicked a little but it wasn't hard and so I moved his hand a little to where she kicked and not 2 minutes later she kicked nice and hard and he got to feel it! He said "WAS THAT HER!???" and I said "Yep that was baby Mac!" and he was so excited!

Of course after he felt her he concentrated on his youtube videos and I went back to my book! But it is exciting that he has finally gotten to feel her!

So now we are at 21 weeks and just enjoying the second trimester! I can't believe that we are more than half of the way there! :) Ps... I am totally going to end up one of those ladies with the huge popped out belly buttons! I am not excited about that!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Its a......


Yes we are having a Mackenzie Marie Tobola! and we couldn't be more excited!!!
We had our appointment set up for Thursday at 3 pm, but the doctor called me right before 10 and said they were going to cancel all of their afternoon appointments because the weather was going to get bad! So I was scrambling to find a way to get in earlier because I didn't want to wait any longer to find out! So I got one of my teachers to cover the first part of my 2nd period class and I would leave right after 1st and be gone during lunch. Well as it turns out NOTHING happened with the weather so I would've been able to go at 3! But that's okay it all worked out and we got to see our beautiful baby girl!
We actually didn't have to wait long once we got to the doctors office and the sono tech started looking at baby and she was just precious! When we first got to see her it looked like she was trying to take a nap! She had one arm across her body with the hand under her cheek like she was using it as a pillow. It was so cute! We got to see her amazing heart pumping blood and you wouldn't imagine something so small doing all of that! Then the sono tech let us know that its definitely a little Mackenzie in there with no ding dong! and while she was taking pictures of that she stretched out all the way and her legs looked so long! (which they are almost 4 inches long at this point!) The sono tech took a picture because they kind of looked like frog legs! haha She is already becoming a horned frog! So after doing lots of measurements and such the sono tech left and said Dr. Papa would be with us soon.
So Dr. Papa comes in and uses three words more frequently than any others "perfect" "gorgeous" and "great"! Well of course she would! Its our adorable baby she is talking about! haha However most of them were more like "The heart is beating great" "The kidneys are the perfect size" "Her body is growing just gorgeously" haha so it was all medically speaking but hey I know Mackenzie will be perfect, gorgeous, and great in just 20 short weeks!
Dr. Papa also tried to get a 3D picture while we were at it but Mackenzie was being shy and pushing her face into the placenta so there wasn't enough amniotic fluid around her face to get a good picture, but of what we got to see... she is ADORABLE!!! and "her lips and chin are perfect! No cleft lip" as Dr. Papa said! All we could see with the 3D was her chin and lips and at one point I kind of poked at her and said "Mackenzie move around so Mommy and Daddy can see you... " and she SMILED! No joke smiled... and boy was it already a mischievous smile! (She will have her Daddy wrapped around her finger in no time!) It really looked like "No Mommy, I am not going anywhere you will just have to wait to see me!" kind of smile! It was precious!
So now we just get to wait around and let her grow and bake some more for 20 weeks or so and meet her!
We are officially half way through the pregnancy and man oh man am I getting fat! haha but according to my pregnancy apps I am supposed to have gained 12 pounds by now and according to the doctors scale I have gained 5 so I am obviously not too fat! Don't worry I will keep stuffing my face every chance I get!!! :)
Dr. Papa said Mackenzie is about 6 inches crown to rump and about 10 inches from crown to toes! And she is weighing in at about 11 ounces! So according to my apps she is half an inch short for her "age" and half an ounce heavy! Sounds like she is definitely my child! Short and fat ; )
As some of you may know I had a friend at work who's wife gave birth to their little girl 15 weeks premature. Mom is doing well and baby is progressing, but they have had several scares in the short week she has been here. So while "I can't wait to meet our little girl".... I can definitely wait until she is big enough and developed enough to be healthy when she gets here. So while I am definitely counting down the 140 days left till her due date I will also be telling her to sit tight until its really time for her to be here!
Last but definitely not least.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DIANNA AND SANDY!!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Was that the baby?!?!?!?

So I meant to post this last night, but I wasn't feel good all afternoon and then I watched Vampire Diaries.... hehe :)

So we will pretend it is last night!

For starters...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDI! :)
For seconders..... ONE WEEK till we find out for sure if its a GIRL or a BOY!
Woo hoo!!!!

So I finally remembered what I forgot to put in the last post... I told y'all a while back about a blood test called CSV that tests for the cold virus since I work with kids. I wanted this test to come back positive, because if I were to get a cold the baby could contract it and that would be no bueno... well the test results came back POSITIVE! :) meaning I already have the antibodies for it so the baby shouldn't be affected even if I do catch a cold!

On to the even more exciting news..... I HAVE FINALLY FELT BABY MOVE!!!!
This started Tuesday night. Trent went for a run and I went to bed. Well when he got home and took a shower and everything I was already sleeping, so when he got into bed it woke me up. When I snuggled in to fall back asleep I am "almost positive" that I felt the baby stretch out too and felt like a rub type feeling on my left side of my belly (which was pressed against the bed so nothing else could have rubbed my stomach) So of course this woke me all the way up! and I told Trent and he wasn't sure about it and so then I started to second guess myself. Well I started trying to be more conscious of what my belly was doing and I have felt several flutters in my belly since then!

I have been waiting to finally feel the baby move and so I am super excited about it! And remember just a week until we find out for sure if baby is a BOY OR GIRL! :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Almost 18 weeks!

Okay Okay Okay! I know it has been literally a month since my last post... and don't worry I have heard plenty of "why haven't you updated" "when are you going to update" and so on from my family haha

So we will start back from around my last post.

I think the last time I posted we were just starting the second trimester with baby and we had an appointment to see if baby had a chance of down syndrome and everything came back good :)
So now it is 4 weeks later and we are now 9/20ths through the pregnancy :)

Since then we have had Christmas and new years and plenty of family time! We had so many Christmases with family.... Sylvester Christmas, Tobola Christmas, granny Tobola Christmas, Johnson Christmas, and granny Johnson Christmas! However it was tons of fun being with everyone and getting comments on my growing belly! I know I'm not that big, but because I didn't have all of the "normal" pregnancy symptoms it kind of seems surreal that I am really growing a human in there!

So although it was exciting getting all of my presents for Christmas, I think it was just as exciting getting present for baby! For starters Mary and Rusty got baby a TCU beanie! so cute! Aunt Carla and her family got us a "gender neutral" onsie! baby is going to need lots of clothes :). Then at Tobola Christmas we received several outfits, TCU sockies, and cute stuffed animal! Angela got baby some squishy blocks, Dianna got baby a cute outfit, Granny made a pretty purple blanket that we will probably use in baby's room, and mom and dad got us seat protectors for the car! and cute onsies! so baby got plenty of fun presents and it technically wasn't her first Christmas! haha

Our next exciting news is that between Christmas and New Years Trent and I put a bid on a house in White Settlement... and they accepted the bid!!! We are super excited that they took our first offer and even more excited that we will be paying our own mortgage and not someone elses!! :) We won't close until February, but I am already starting to imagine how the house will look once we move in!

Then we had new years and yet again I didn't make it to midnight! but Trent woke me up for a kiss! and surprisingly.... this was mine and Trent's first midnight kiss in the 4 years we have been together! He has always had to work new years eve! Then to truly start 2011 on the right foot... TCU WON THE ROSE BOWL!!! :) GO FROGS!!! its true.. I bleed Purple!

As much as I wish the break could have continued (it was nice on the days when neither Trent or I had to work and we could just relax at home and get things done around the house!) but, I did have to go back to work... baby is going to need diapers so mommy needs to get paid! Luckily this week hasn't been too bad and my kids aren't going completely crazy even with all of the time off.

Today we had our 18 week check up with baby! Dr. Wagner came in and said she was glad I have finally gained some weight! According to their scale I have gained 4 pounds, however I was wearing my coat and my purse.... so I think I probably only gained 1 or 2 pounds haha. Which I am not bothered by because that means that baby is growing! She then got the doppler out so we could listen to baby's heart beat. However baby kind of wanted to scare mommy and hide at the back of her uterus. Dr. Wagner wasn't worried because we could still hear baby moving around kicking and punching and summer-saulting (so she must be alive)... but after a couple of minutes baby decided to come inspect what the crazy fuzzy noise outside of mommy's tummy was and got close enough for us to hear! Heartbeat in the high 130s- low 140s. So baby is doing fine! Whew! Please don't scare mommy anymore with hiding from the doppler... (I know I can't just say please don't scare mommy because I am sure I will have many a day of baby scaring me... jumping off chairs, flipping on couches, climbing on counters... especially since I did all of those things!)

So now we are just counting down the 2 weeks till the anatomy appointment!!! :) We go back on January 20th to find out if we will be welcoming Mackenzie Marie or Tracen Anthony on June 11th! Can't wait to go register and start picking everything out for decorating the nursery!!!
Here are the two latest pictures! It looks like I am really pregnant!!! :)
Until next time!
(I will try to be better I promise!)