Friday, January 14, 2011

Was that the baby?!?!?!?

So I meant to post this last night, but I wasn't feel good all afternoon and then I watched Vampire Diaries.... hehe :)

So we will pretend it is last night!

For starters...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDI! :)
For seconders..... ONE WEEK till we find out for sure if its a GIRL or a BOY!
Woo hoo!!!!

So I finally remembered what I forgot to put in the last post... I told y'all a while back about a blood test called CSV that tests for the cold virus since I work with kids. I wanted this test to come back positive, because if I were to get a cold the baby could contract it and that would be no bueno... well the test results came back POSITIVE! :) meaning I already have the antibodies for it so the baby shouldn't be affected even if I do catch a cold!

On to the even more exciting news..... I HAVE FINALLY FELT BABY MOVE!!!!
This started Tuesday night. Trent went for a run and I went to bed. Well when he got home and took a shower and everything I was already sleeping, so when he got into bed it woke me up. When I snuggled in to fall back asleep I am "almost positive" that I felt the baby stretch out too and felt like a rub type feeling on my left side of my belly (which was pressed against the bed so nothing else could have rubbed my stomach) So of course this woke me all the way up! and I told Trent and he wasn't sure about it and so then I started to second guess myself. Well I started trying to be more conscious of what my belly was doing and I have felt several flutters in my belly since then!

I have been waiting to finally feel the baby move and so I am super excited about it! And remember just a week until we find out for sure if baby is a BOY OR GIRL! :)

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