Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2nd Trimester Here We Come!!!

Here I am at 13.5 weeks!! That means we are officially in the second trimester!!! We are super excited that that means we are 1/3 of the way there!!!
I had an "easy" first trimester compared to most women. So I can only hope that the next 6 months are as great as the first few!
The main thing that has happened since my last post is that I am an emotional basket case!!! I cry all the time!!! And for silly things! For example... Folgers commercial! The sad one where the guy comes home from the military for Christmas and he gives his little sister a present and she pulls the bow of and sticks it on him and says "you are the best present I could get" I just boo hooed! Trent thinks it is so silly and kind of funny!

Trent and I also made the decision that we would like to have early screening for down syndrome. We knew that it wouldn't matter whether the baby had down syndrome or not we were going to keep the baby, but we want to be prepared in any case. So Dr. Wagner recommended a specialist in her building to do the sonogram to measure the skin at the back of the neck. Well that appointment was today!!! We got several great pictures of Pebble!!

Here are two full picture of Pebble! The first one you can see the nose and mouth in profile! and the little foot! Then in the second one Pebble has her hand up by her forehead! Luckily Dr. Papa came in and confirmed that we have a very happy and healthy baby! She said that Pebble was very cooperative and was always in the right position for each picture that needed to be taken! The normal range for the skin at the back of the neck is anything below 3 mm, well Pebble's is about 1.5 mm so she says we are looking good for no Down Syndrome, but that we will do all of the different blood work and more sonos as the pregnancy progresses. She kind of had me worried for a couple of second when she said "Most people don't think they need this test if they are younger than 35 because the percentage goes up when you are over the age of 35. However more women below 35 give birth to a Downs baby than those over 35 each year, simply because most women having babies are younger than 35" So this made me think oh shit she is glad we had the test because Pebble has Downs! but then she said but everything looks good for you! haha THANKFULLY!

You can't see this one very well but that is baby's adorable little hand!!! In the print offs you can see the little bitty knuckles and finger definition! I counted... just 5 fingers! :) Also a little while after this picture she opened up her and and actually waved at us! It was so amazing to watch! I couldn't stop smiling!!!

These are Pebble's little feetsies!!! We can already tell that they are going to have daddy's feet! The big toe already looks too big! haha If anyone has seen Trent's feet you know he has a massive big toe!

We also got to hear the heartbeat (153) trent says that is normal or good or whatever :) It was so amazing hearing that little bitty 3 inch long baby's heart beat so fast!

We are just 13.5 weeks along, but you know I couldn't resist asking... Can we see if it is a girl or a boy yet??? The sono tech said "I have no problem looking, but I won't confirm or deny any suspicions from you two, because I don't want you to come back upset that we were wrong next time!" So she moved over to the butt area and this is what we saw....

The little white dot is the sono cursor pointing at the whoha.... All the sono tech said was... "Well it sure doesn't look like there is anything there!"
So she went ahead and typed girl up in the corner of the picture! So we are tentatively having a baby girl!!! :)
We will find out for sure in about 6 weeks but now I can't help but calling Pebble a her!