Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2nd Trimester Here We Come!!!

Here I am at 13.5 weeks!! That means we are officially in the second trimester!!! We are super excited that that means we are 1/3 of the way there!!!
I had an "easy" first trimester compared to most women. So I can only hope that the next 6 months are as great as the first few!
The main thing that has happened since my last post is that I am an emotional basket case!!! I cry all the time!!! And for silly things! For example... Folgers commercial! The sad one where the guy comes home from the military for Christmas and he gives his little sister a present and she pulls the bow of and sticks it on him and says "you are the best present I could get" I just boo hooed! Trent thinks it is so silly and kind of funny!

Trent and I also made the decision that we would like to have early screening for down syndrome. We knew that it wouldn't matter whether the baby had down syndrome or not we were going to keep the baby, but we want to be prepared in any case. So Dr. Wagner recommended a specialist in her building to do the sonogram to measure the skin at the back of the neck. Well that appointment was today!!! We got several great pictures of Pebble!!

Here are two full picture of Pebble! The first one you can see the nose and mouth in profile! and the little foot! Then in the second one Pebble has her hand up by her forehead! Luckily Dr. Papa came in and confirmed that we have a very happy and healthy baby! She said that Pebble was very cooperative and was always in the right position for each picture that needed to be taken! The normal range for the skin at the back of the neck is anything below 3 mm, well Pebble's is about 1.5 mm so she says we are looking good for no Down Syndrome, but that we will do all of the different blood work and more sonos as the pregnancy progresses. She kind of had me worried for a couple of second when she said "Most people don't think they need this test if they are younger than 35 because the percentage goes up when you are over the age of 35. However more women below 35 give birth to a Downs baby than those over 35 each year, simply because most women having babies are younger than 35" So this made me think oh shit she is glad we had the test because Pebble has Downs! but then she said but everything looks good for you! haha THANKFULLY!

You can't see this one very well but that is baby's adorable little hand!!! In the print offs you can see the little bitty knuckles and finger definition! I counted... just 5 fingers! :) Also a little while after this picture she opened up her and and actually waved at us! It was so amazing to watch! I couldn't stop smiling!!!

These are Pebble's little feetsies!!! We can already tell that they are going to have daddy's feet! The big toe already looks too big! haha If anyone has seen Trent's feet you know he has a massive big toe!

We also got to hear the heartbeat (153) trent says that is normal or good or whatever :) It was so amazing hearing that little bitty 3 inch long baby's heart beat so fast!

We are just 13.5 weeks along, but you know I couldn't resist asking... Can we see if it is a girl or a boy yet??? The sono tech said "I have no problem looking, but I won't confirm or deny any suspicions from you two, because I don't want you to come back upset that we were wrong next time!" So she moved over to the butt area and this is what we saw....

The little white dot is the sono cursor pointing at the whoha.... All the sono tech said was... "Well it sure doesn't look like there is anything there!"
So she went ahead and typed girl up in the corner of the picture! So we are tentatively having a baby girl!!! :)
We will find out for sure in about 6 weeks but now I can't help but calling Pebble a her!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

12 weeks and counting!

Hello Hello! I haven't posted in a while it seems so we have a bit to catch up on!

I guess I should start by showing my baby bump! Yes you can already see my baby bump! Trent tries to make me feel better and tell me that its because I was already so skinny that I had to start showing early haha he is the sweetest :) but I think it may be because I eat anything and everything around me ALL the time!

I have started to crave sour... for example lemons... At both Tobola Thanksgivings they had sliced lemons for the tea. Well I didn't drink any tea but I ate just about a whole lemon at each place! They were so delicious, but my lips were a little chapped after the fact, but way worth it! I am also definitely craving salty still and for the most part sweet just doesn't sound good at all. Mom made really tasty brownies "for Annelise's birthday" and I had one bite and decided meh not really worth it... I would rather have potato chips! Mom and Granny were laughing at me on Friday because I was eating potato chips and pickles together! I used to do this when I was younger and it is still yummy! So far that's how my cravings are going so far!

We also finally got to tell the Tobola side of the family on Thanksgiving Day with this cute shirt! Right after Trent and I found out we were pregnant he knew this was how he wanted to tell his family! So we found this shirt online and ordered it. Sadly, Trent had to work on Thanksgiving so he didn't get to tell his family, so we let his dad tell everyone after prayer and I lifted up my sweater to reveal this shirt underneath. The shirt ended up being too big but Sandy helped me pin it back and it makes me excited to be able to wear it when "I have a beach ball" as Trent says.

We also set up our very first Christmas tree together! I don't know if you can tell or not but we have Red, Black, and Silver ornaments on the tree. Trent didn't really want to set up the tree since nobody will see it but he ended up being really helpful! I am not a very good fluffer and he helped fluff the tree! Then he put the hooks on the ornaments while I put them on the tree. It was a great system! And for our first time I think it looks pretty good!
Well our next doctors appointment is just around the corner December 10th! And then it will be Christmas already! I will try to post again soon :) Just 28 weeks to go!

Friday, November 12, 2010

10 weeks and going strong!

We are 10 weeks along!!!

Here is my baby bump... I think I look bigger in this photo than in real life! but oh well!!

As I said in my past blog I want salty and spicy! Well I bought Flamming Hot Cheetos and that was a bad idea... I ate the whole bag in two sittings and Trent was very disappointed that he didn't get any! Haha I told him "Too bad.... I'm building a human here!"

Therefore... this is my new excuse for everything! :)

Also I have been going to bed before 9 pm everyday this week which Trent doesn't like very much. Monday (i blame on the time change) I went to bed before 8 o'clock! Well I woke up several times with the TV being so loud. One time Trent was laying next to me, the next he was walking out the bedroom door, and another time I couldn't find him but I heard crinkling and was super confused! (turns out he was eating oreos and milk on the floor because he didn't want crumbs in the bed, so sweet) and then I woke up again when he finally turned off the TV. Then the next couple of nights he was up late studying and I was dead to the world and he would come in and wake me up and say its too early to go to bed! lol It was about 9 o'clock :) Oh well I am enjoying all of this extra sleep... and I need it... I AM BUILDING A BABY HERE!!!

Well I officially joined the pregnancy club this week! Tuesday morning I woke up at 7:20 (my normal time for Tuesdays) and started getting ready but noticed I was feeling a little more nauseous than normal but kind of pushed it off. Well then I went to brush my teeth... and oops not a good idea! I started gagging! and ended up throwing up some stomach acid but because I hadn't eaten anything it didn't last long at all (maybe a minute) and I was good. So I rebrushed my teeth and headed to school. I think this was again because of the time change! Usually I am at school by 8 so I eat when I get to school and since it was already "8:30" with the time change my stomach really wanted to eat! Oh well it hasn't happened again so that's good!
Today was our first SONOGRAM!!! :)
Here is Pebble's first photo!

According to measurements Pebble is 9 weeks and 4 days which is right on par for our June 11th due date!
First the doctor told us about the fact that I have a negative blood type so I may have to get some extra shots later in the pregnancy and after the baby is born to make sure my body doesn't build up antibodies against my future babies! But she said since we aren't stuck in the 50's its no big deal these days!

Then she asked if I wanted to get a blood test to check for "CSV" which is actually just the Cold Virus. So we actually want a positive on this blood test because that way my body already has the antibodies for it. If it comes back "neutral or negative" we will have to keep a closer watch since I work around kids if I get sick. It could be super harmful if Pebble catches CSV! so let's hope I test positive!

Then she revealed all of my previous blood test results for all of the possible genetic traits I could pass to my baby that may cause birth defects. Luckily, I have very low risk for any of these traits! So we are in the clear so far! Yay!

Then of course we had the sonogram!!!! and it was so AMAZING!!! Pebble's head is definitely bigger than his body! but while we were watching he started kicking around and waving his arms around!!! it was the coolest thing getting to see how active Pebble already is!! (Trent then felt the need to call his sister and tell her that our baby could beat up her baby since ours is such a fighter! haha)

Our next appointment is December 10th for our 14 week appointment!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

8 weeks along

Well the last time I posted I had just had my first doctor's appointment and now I am 8 1/2 weeks along and just 21 and 1/2 to go!

I decided I better post my cravings and turn-offs or I will forget by the end of the pregnancy!
Cravings: Anything that people talk about
"I am going to Buffalo Wild Wings tonight".... Bam I want wings!
Spicy foods, add jalapenos please!
Salty, Salty, Salty, Potato Chips or Pringles with every meal!

Food Turn-Offs: the smell of coffee! made me want to throw up!
Ranch dressing in large quantities (aka when Trent put WAY too much on my salad and i couldn't eat the rest of the night!!!)

So far I think that is it! Luckily I haven't gotten sick yet (knock on wood) and compared to Brandi throwing up every day I feel very fortunate waking up with an upset stomach and when I don't eat every couple of hours! and not actually getting sick!
I am also a pee queen! I pee so much more now!! and when I have to go... I HAVE TO GO!!! Luckily I have good students so when I disappear for two minutes they don't go bonkers and destroy my room or anything :)

Just 9 days till we get to hear Pebble's heartbeat!!! We are so excited!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Doctor's Appointment!

Well now that we are up to date we can continue!!

So today was my first doctor's appointment! I went in and had to give a urine sample, answer twenty-million questions about my health and my family health, then give blood, and set up my next appointment!
So far so good on the pregnancy! And we get to have our first sonogram on November 12th!!! So excited to get my first picture of Pebble!!!!

It was also super exciting getting to tell the rest of the family and my work friends!!! I am so glad I don't have to keep it a secret anymore!!!

I will keep you updated!!! : )

Spreading the Good News!

So we found out we were pregnant on a Sunday and were trying to decide how we were going to tell our parents and sisters. We wanted to wait a little longer so that we could make sure the baby was going to stick. We also needed to decide what we would call out new baby until we found out whether it was a boy or girl. My sister Angela called Annelise nugget in utero... Trent's sister called Brekon pumpkin and she calls he newest baby z peanut. So Trent and I looked online for in utero nicknames and after going though names like Karate, Little Monster, and Alien... we decided on Pebble! Obviously Pebble will end up much larger than a pebble but its the perfect name until we find out if Pebble is a He or a She : )

Well my mom's birthday is on Oct 7th so we decided that would be the perfect day to tell her she would be a Babi again! So I drove down to Ennis and went to my dad's office and called him to come over to his office and to call mom and tell her to come over but don't tell her I'm here since I am her birthday present! So he comes over and I can't wait till mom gets there to tell him so I tell him and he gives me a big hug congratulations and says "So you were pregnant on Sunday!" and I said well we didn't know until we got home that night that we were pregnant. So then mom shows up and I gave her a gold necklace box (with a positive pregnancy test in ti... yes that's a little gross but I made sure to Lysol wipe it first!) when she opened it her response was "I am so glad its not a necklace!" She was super excited too!!! The only part she wasn't excited about was not being able to tell my sisters about it till the following night (after we told Trent's parents) and having to wait till our first doctors appointment to tell the rest of the family! So we went to dinner then I drove home!
Then Friday night we were planning on going to dinner with Trent's parents and grandparents. So it would be perfect to tell them! Now just a little background is that Trent's mom kept saying "I need more grandbabies!!" and "You are going to be so cute pregnant" and things of that sort for the past month but she actually had no idea that we were even considering trying! She has actually said "Y'all are probably going to start trying in what two years?" just the week before this and I said "I don't know" and played coy haha So we are waiting to be seated at Papasitos in Arlington and Sandy and Grandma make a comment about not being able to go to Destin next summer because Baby Z will be too little to drive that far. So Trent says "Well speaking of that... We are pregnant too!" and Sandy was like WHAT?? and then when I said "Yes, we are pregnant!" there was all kinds of screaming and excitement and congratulations!!! Sandy was hilarious and had the perfect reaction haha. So then of course she says I want to call Brandi, y'all need to tell her already! So we go to the car so its not so loud (and leave Brit and Papa to wait for our name to be called) and call Brandi and she doesn't believe us at first but is also super excited.. obviously Brekon doesn't really understand haha but we pretended he was excited. We then called my sisters and told them and there were super excited to be Aunts. And I got to talk to Annelise and she even said "Yay!" which who knows if she knew what she was saying but it was super cute!!

So then of course we just had to wait two weeks for our first doctors appointment so we can tell the rest of the family!!!


So I got off birth control and we decided to try to have a baby!!! Well as it turns out we are either super fertile or we are just good at making babies ; ) We got pregnant our first month trying!!!

I started feeling a little nauseous and completely exhausted about a week before I should have started my period. However I was convinced that I was just overreacting because I want to be pregnant and that I am just imagining this stuff. I don't say anything to Trent because I don't want him to get his hopes up that we are pregnant, but I kind of think we are. However he was at home one day between shifts and watching Friends. On the episode he was watching, Pheobe is trying to get pregnant with her brother's babies as a surrogate. Pheobe being Pheobe sings "Are you in there little fetus... Will you come out in nine months to meet us... I will buy you some Adidas!" and he sends me this in a text message!!! (without the background on watching Friends and it being a Pheobe song!!) I was like HUH?!?! What are you talking about?!?! after he explained I was relieved haha but couldn't help but want to sing that to my belly in hopes that I was pregnant!!! haha

So the week before I should start, my mom had given me a huge guilt trip about missing me and she hadn't seen us in so long, so I told Trent we needed to go to Ennis to visit family. He was fine with going to Ennis on Sunday. So we go to Ennis and meet at my parents house. We are hanging out for a little bit, then Trent and my dad went to go check hogs or something. As soon as they leave my mom says "Are you pregnant yet..." and I was like "What?!?! No I don't think so, but I haven't started my period yet..." I was completely taken aback that I just blurted that out, when I should have just said no so that she wouldn't be expecting a phone call in the next week saying I was pregnant! She then replies "Me and Daddy thought maybe that's why y'all were coming to see us!" and of course I said "Huh?? you are the one that asked us to come!" haha oh well! So of course this gets it in my head that hmm... maybe I am pregnant.... I have been nauseous.... and I should've started last night.... or even this morning.... and I haven't!!!

Trent and I had promised each other that we wouldn't take a pregnancy test until I was already late so we wouldn't get our hopes up. So I send Trent a text when he is sitting next to me and say "can we get a pregnancy test on the way home?" and his response (just like a man) "Why?" haha and so I said "well I am late by a day... and I have been feeling nauseous" so he says "Sure if you want."
Then I am super nervous all the way home and am getting my hopes up!!! Just like I said I wouldn't!!!! :) So we go to Wal-Mart... hope like hell we don't see anyone we know :) and get a pregnancy test. As Trent said "Get a good one so are sure whether its yes or no and don't have to come back to get another one!" So we go home and both of us need to pee really bad so that works out nicely. I do my thing and am so nervous that I leave it on the counter and go put laundry in the wash. So Trent comes and asks... So whats the answer? and I said "I don't know... I haven't looked" So I tell him to look first... so he picks it up away from me of course and asks..."What do you want it to say??" and I say "I don't care" even thought I really do care!!!!! and he says no really what do you want it to say... and I say "I want to be pregnant!" and he replied well... you are!!!
We were so excited!!! :) I couldn't stop smiling or believe that it was true!!! So when we went to bed guess what we sang to my belly.... yep the Pheobe song... "Are you in there little fetus... will you come out in nine months to meet us... we will buy you some Adidas..."

The Beginning!

Okay so this is my second post, but I am probably going to post several blogs today that I have been wanting to post for a while! :)
Back on June 19th, our wonderful wedding day!, during the sermon that Fr. John gave he mentioned at least three times "perhaps in nine months this family will become three." Trent and I laughed this off during the ceremony and were super surprised when several people came up to us at the reception and asked if I was already pregnant!!! We were like NO!! We promise we aren't!!! It wasn't a big deal and we both knew that we did want to start a family pretty quickly but we wanted Trent to either have an EMT job or fire job before we started a family. Trent and I both were having baby fever! But we kept saying not till Trent has a job... everything is stressful enough with only one income since he is in paramedic school!

So skip forward a month and a half.... I have decided that everything truly happens for a reason!! Here is why... In the middle of August, my alarm on my phone goes off in the evening telling me to take my birth control pill. I was being lazy on the couch and got up to go get my pill and jokingly said to Trent "Maybe I should get off BC" and he replied "I don't care its up to you" so I kind of took that as the go-ahead that I could get off BC haha :) and.... (I am a bad wife) I didn't actually verbalize that I was getting off of BC to Trent. hehe. Well literally the next day Trent gets an email from Medstar that they would like him to take an EMT test because they liked his application!! Therefore I was super excited and thought this is perfect!! HE will get this job and we will get pregnant! Its awesome! So then a couple of days later after trying to make babies I jokingly said to Trent "just think... we could be pregnant!" and he said "Well not really since you are still on BC..." and so I laughed it off and thought "Well obviously he wasn't really ready for me to get off BC, I'll start taking my pills again... : (" Then the very next day... Trent goes to take the EMT test and it won't work and it won't go through and he is getting pissed and the Medstar people are not being helpful. So me being the "everything happens for a reason" kind of person tells Trent.... "I know why you haven't been able to take the test... God wants us to accept that we need to have a baby right now..." and he was like "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!?!?!" Then I spilled my guts about my BC on and off extravaganza and he immediately says... "GET OFF BC THEN!!! BECAUSE I WANT A JOB!!!" So we make the decision to finish off the BC pack and we will start trying with my next cycle. ( no worries we did talk at length about whether we are really ready or not) Of course.... the next day the test goes through AND he gets an interview with CareFlite!!!!

As most of you know Trent went through the hiring process for both Medstar and CareFlite... and was offered a job from both!!! He gladly accepted the EMT position from CareFlite!! So everything worked out PERFECTLY!!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Virgin Blogger

Welcome to my blog!
I haven't ever blogged before, but my sisters and lots of my friends blog and say its a great way to vent and let everyone know whats going on in our lives without having to make a milion phone calls. So I am going to start with a little background...
I am Melisa and my husband's name is Trent. We met in August of 2004 when our junior year of high school started and he was the "new kid." We were friends throughout high school and decided to start dating in July of 2006 after we graduated. We both went too college in Fort Worth and continued dating throughout college. Trent proposed in December 2008 and we were married June 19, 2010!
We have now been married almost 4 months and are loving every minute! We are living in Fort Worth which is an hour from his parents and an hour and a half from my parents, but we love the area and plan on staying here.
Well I guess that is my first blog! Hopefully I will have something truly blog worthy soon! : )