Sunday, January 30, 2011

Was that the baby?!?!?!?!?! Part 2

Well I have been feeling baby pretty much everyday several times a day for a week or so now. But on Thursday I was watching TV and my arm was laying across my belly and when Mackenzie kicked I was just about positive that she kicked hard enough to feel it on my arm not just from the inside! I was super excited because that meant that Trent might get to feel her kicking soon! So I texted him (he was at the station) and told him and he said "Yes!!" lol as you can tell he has been wanting to feel her since I have said that I can feel her. So that night when he came to bed he laid his hand on my stomach and he says either I flinched when he put his hand on my stomach or she kicked him or it could've been my heartbeat because something moved his hand as soon as he touched my stomach! Of course he doubted it was the baby because what are the chances she kicked the exact moment he put his hand on my belly! So since then he has been telling Mac that she needs to kick him and he even would try smushing around on my belly (trying to make her mad I guess) so that she would move and he could feel it. Well no such luck!

Then yesterday we went to dinner with mom, dad, Dianna, and kyle and had a great time hanging out and mom returned a book that I got for Christmas that I have been waiting to read! So when we got in be he grabbed the iPad and I grabbed my book. Well I hadn't been laying in bed long when she kicked pretty hard so I moved over close to Trent so we could still relax and his hand could just rest on my belly. Well at first Trent was like pressing on my stomach and I was like "you don't have to push her she will kick in a couple of minutes" well because he was pushing he started feeling my heartbeat and then couldn't decide if he could feel her and since I was reading my book I wasn't paying enough attention to whether it was my heartbeat or her kicking around. Well he finally stopped pushing and she kicked a little but it wasn't hard and so I moved his hand a little to where she kicked and not 2 minutes later she kicked nice and hard and he got to feel it! He said "WAS THAT HER!???" and I said "Yep that was baby Mac!" and he was so excited!

Of course after he felt her he concentrated on his youtube videos and I went back to my book! But it is exciting that he has finally gotten to feel her!

So now we are at 21 weeks and just enjoying the second trimester! I can't believe that we are more than half of the way there! :) Ps... I am totally going to end up one of those ladies with the huge popped out belly buttons! I am not excited about that!

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  1. Yay that is exciting!! Don't worry I have the Grand Canyon for a belly button!