Friday, February 18, 2011

24 weeks!

So it has been a super long time since I have posted but this kind of came about because I was going to post each time I went to the doctor. Well the snow days pushed my latest appointment back two whole weeks! So instead of posting around 22 weeks, I am now a day away from 24 weeks!

A lot has happened with Miss MacKenzie since I last posted! She weighs over a pound now! And I can feel her just about all day everyday! Trent has gotten to feel her move more now as well. She has gotten so strong! She is a very hard kicker (no worries it doesn't hurt me... but... sometimes I think she is trying to kick in a door or something). I haven't quite gotten "the alien" effect yet. This means I haven't been able to see her move yet, just feeling it so far. I think it will be pretty cool when she starts pushing hard enough to see her little feetsies! haha When I went to see Dr. Wagner I got to listen to sweet MacKenzie's heartbeat! Her heartbeat is still super strong! YAY!
Also she told me that next time I come in (spring break) I will have to do my glucose test. As anybody who knows me knows... I HATE LIQUIDS!!! Not only do I have to drink 8 ounces of really gross looking orange stuff, but it has to be gone in 5 minutes!!! I am lucky to drink 8 ounces in a couple of hours! So this will be no bueno! I am also going to get my first round of "rogam" sp? shots so that I don't start producing antibodies that will kill my future babies... :) sounds exciting right haha but it is actually no big deal and I will have to get a couple rounds of these shots since I am RH negative and MacKenzie is probably positive!

I am feeling fatter everyday! When I went to see Dr. Wagner I had officially hit my 10 pound mark! Although I feel super fat and 10 pounds sounds like a lot, it is right at a pound a week since I have started the second trimester, which is right on par to only gain around 30 pounds for the whole pregnancy. Now I know this last couple sentences sounds like I am watching my weight or something, but believe me I am still eating whatever the hell I want... just ask Trent! I crave fast food!!! Trent hates this because he would like to come home to a home cooked meal every night but when I am calling the shots he is lucky to get home cooked meals two-three times a week and that's a REALLY lucky week! Therefore we eat fast food or go out to eat most nights :) What a great husband to sacrifice for my appetite!

The next order of business is the inevitable "popping" of the belly button!!! UGH!!! The popped belly button thing is one of the few things that I have been dreading about pregnancy (the other is stretch marks... knock on wood!). Well growing up I had a half innie - half outie... well when I turned 18 I got my belly button pierced (which I took out several months ago when I started showing haha) so it made my belly button look like an innie! Well now my belly button is getting so close to popping its not even funny!!!!! I have been joking around at work about maybe duct taping it down so that it won't show after it pops! One of the guy teachers said "when it pops you are done right?!?!" well at this point heck no! If it pops as soon as it looks like it will I will still have 3 months to go! Oh well... there really isn't anything I can do about it!

Another thing I have noticed in the last month or so.... I am turning into a crazy Czech mom! I am saying "yay daw" (sp?) and "Sheesh!" all the time! My students keep looking at me like I am crazy! But it just comes out and I keep on teaching haha So at this rate I will be one of the Crazy Parma Aunts by the time MacKenzie is born :)

Well I better wrap this up! Next time I post we will know whether Baby Cline is a boy or girl! and baby Aniston may be here too! (As long as she waits until March 6th!!!) And I will be starting the third trimester with MacKenzie Marie!!!

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