Saturday, January 22, 2011

Its a......


Yes we are having a Mackenzie Marie Tobola! and we couldn't be more excited!!!
We had our appointment set up for Thursday at 3 pm, but the doctor called me right before 10 and said they were going to cancel all of their afternoon appointments because the weather was going to get bad! So I was scrambling to find a way to get in earlier because I didn't want to wait any longer to find out! So I got one of my teachers to cover the first part of my 2nd period class and I would leave right after 1st and be gone during lunch. Well as it turns out NOTHING happened with the weather so I would've been able to go at 3! But that's okay it all worked out and we got to see our beautiful baby girl!
We actually didn't have to wait long once we got to the doctors office and the sono tech started looking at baby and she was just precious! When we first got to see her it looked like she was trying to take a nap! She had one arm across her body with the hand under her cheek like she was using it as a pillow. It was so cute! We got to see her amazing heart pumping blood and you wouldn't imagine something so small doing all of that! Then the sono tech let us know that its definitely a little Mackenzie in there with no ding dong! and while she was taking pictures of that she stretched out all the way and her legs looked so long! (which they are almost 4 inches long at this point!) The sono tech took a picture because they kind of looked like frog legs! haha She is already becoming a horned frog! So after doing lots of measurements and such the sono tech left and said Dr. Papa would be with us soon.
So Dr. Papa comes in and uses three words more frequently than any others "perfect" "gorgeous" and "great"! Well of course she would! Its our adorable baby she is talking about! haha However most of them were more like "The heart is beating great" "The kidneys are the perfect size" "Her body is growing just gorgeously" haha so it was all medically speaking but hey I know Mackenzie will be perfect, gorgeous, and great in just 20 short weeks!
Dr. Papa also tried to get a 3D picture while we were at it but Mackenzie was being shy and pushing her face into the placenta so there wasn't enough amniotic fluid around her face to get a good picture, but of what we got to see... she is ADORABLE!!! and "her lips and chin are perfect! No cleft lip" as Dr. Papa said! All we could see with the 3D was her chin and lips and at one point I kind of poked at her and said "Mackenzie move around so Mommy and Daddy can see you... " and she SMILED! No joke smiled... and boy was it already a mischievous smile! (She will have her Daddy wrapped around her finger in no time!) It really looked like "No Mommy, I am not going anywhere you will just have to wait to see me!" kind of smile! It was precious!
So now we just get to wait around and let her grow and bake some more for 20 weeks or so and meet her!
We are officially half way through the pregnancy and man oh man am I getting fat! haha but according to my pregnancy apps I am supposed to have gained 12 pounds by now and according to the doctors scale I have gained 5 so I am obviously not too fat! Don't worry I will keep stuffing my face every chance I get!!! :)
Dr. Papa said Mackenzie is about 6 inches crown to rump and about 10 inches from crown to toes! And she is weighing in at about 11 ounces! So according to my apps she is half an inch short for her "age" and half an ounce heavy! Sounds like she is definitely my child! Short and fat ; )
As some of you may know I had a friend at work who's wife gave birth to their little girl 15 weeks premature. Mom is doing well and baby is progressing, but they have had several scares in the short week she has been here. So while "I can't wait to meet our little girl".... I can definitely wait until she is big enough and developed enough to be healthy when she gets here. So while I am definitely counting down the 140 days left till her due date I will also be telling her to sit tight until its really time for her to be here!
Last but definitely not least.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DIANNA AND SANDY!!!!

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