Thursday, June 2, 2011

38 weeks!

Hello Hello!

I have almost made it to the finish line! We only have 9 short days until MacKenzie's due date! can you believe it!??? SINGLE DIGITS!!!

I am hoping that she will be here in less days but you never know! At my last appointment (two days ago) I was dilated to a 1 and about 50% thinned. So that sounds like a start! however if she is going to come before her due date she is going to have to get the move on! My next appointment isn't until next Thursday because the Dr is going to be out of the office the beginning of next week! ugh! but that is okay I guess.

Here is my latest pic of my baby belly! Trent says there is a basketball under my shirt haha

We have finished MacKenzie's room! Here is the finished product!!!

Her name is actually white letters with pink cow print! Trent's parents gave us MacKenzie's crib and this is the cow bedding that my Granny made! It turned out so perfect! You can also see Mac's swing from her godfather! and her cow bouncer from my Aunt Joanie!

Here are the matching curtains! :) Here is the glider from Trent's parents that Granny recovered! The hutch/changing table is from my parents! They bought it for my almost 3 years ago when I was moving into my own apartment and this is what we based Mac's room off of for the western cow theme! You can also see Trent's long horn on the wall. He wanted it to go in the man cave but once I said it belonged in Mac's room he was willing to compromise! :) Then you can see Mac's cross wall! All of these crosses were given to us after we told people that we were doing her room western. Then finally you can see her toy box! Now she just needs toys to put in it :)

Hopefully my next post is a picture of our sweet baby girl!!!! Hope you enjoyed!

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